Staten Island Long Term Disability Lawyer

Long Term Disability LawFor over ten years, employees who have been denied disability and health benefits by employer-sponsored insurance providers and private companies have turned to the Staten Island Long Term Disability Law Firm of  Michael Swaaley for help receiving the benefits they deserve.

We are a Staten Island Long Term Disability Law Firm, defending the rights of workers throughout the state of New York. We take on insurance providers in their own appeal systems and if that does not work, we go to court to  help individuals who suffer from disabling injury or illness fight benefit claim denials by insurance companies.  Call  us  today for the aggressive representation and supportive service.

ERISA Claims in New York

The Employment Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is a federal statute that governs the administration of employee benefits plans.  ERISA laws outline the rights and responsibilities of employers, plan participants, and insurance providers under any health, disability or pension plan provided through the workplace.

Unfortunately, many employee disability insurance funds will wrongfully deny benefits to entitled individuals, giving rise to a claim.

Under the guidelines established by ERISA, filing a claim for the benefits you are entitled to can be a complex process. This requires potential claimants to begin preparing their case as soon as their claim has been denied, well before they ever think about stepping foot into a courtroom.

The Expertise of Experienced NY ERISA Attorneys

Designing a successful approach to appealing a denial requires that you follow specific steps and understand complicated issues involving the medical characteristics of your disability and the occupational characteristics of your employment—requiring that you seek the help of an attorney as soon as possible before damaging your claim.

Our Staten Island practice is respected by the bench and bar of  New York, and our attorneys are trusted by colleagues to protect their clients’ interests against large insurance providers like Hartford, MetLife,  Prudential, and Unum.

If you have been denied a disability benefit claim, contact our Staten Island firm  for ERISA claims representation as soon as possible.